Mobile Recording Studio

Record at our VIS studio or we can bring the recording studio to YOU! Whether it be for auditions, demos or a video for YouTube!  Our experienced Sound Engineer and Vocal Coaches will produce a quality, professional recording with affordable packages to choose from.  Contact us today to schedule your FREE thirty minute consult!



Available Gear for Mobile Studio Work


  • Blue Kiwi Condenser with SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro

  • Shure Beta 58

Audio Front End/Preamp:

  • Universal Audio:  Apollo Thunderbolt - Quad Core

  • Universal Audio: Apollo Twin

Recording Software:

  • Steinberg: Cubase Pro

  • Native Instruments: Komplete

  • Universal Audio - Suite of Plugins

  • iZotope Product Line:

    • Nutron - Mixing

    • Ozone - Mastering

    • Nectar - Vocal Production

    • RX - Audio Repair Solution


  • Stutter Edit

  • Slate Digital - Full Suite of Plugins

Trevor headshot.jpg

TREVOR WILLIAMS, Recording Engineer

Trevor has been working the in the music industry for 17 years as an electronic musician, session synthesist, and vocalist. During that time Trevor learned how to record, mix, and master music. He was responsible for the production and engineering of two full length albums released on independent labels as well as numerous tracks released as singles on compilation albums.  Trevor was trained on the use of multiple recording interfaces and techniques while working in a music store and in the studio, and has had access to some of the most sought after gear in his time working as a musician.

Like most musicians and recording engineers, Trevor has held day jobs throughout his career. Trevor’s work outside of music has taught him to approach the recording process with youth and adults in a more compassionate and understanding way than many audio engineers. Trevor has 19 years experience working with youth and adults from every imaginable background. With a clear understanding of how to engage youth and adults, he will help guide the vocalist through the recording process in a caring and compassionate way using some of the best gear available to mobile musicians.  His philosophy is to support the vocalist in making the most out of their time recording while having fun and learning about the process along the way.

For More Information Contact:

Trevor Williams


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