Music TheorY EssenTIALS



Don’t get left behind, get a jump start on your keyboard theory skills before your first college course!

Learn the basics of music theory and piano skills!

In each session new theory ideas and keyboard skills will be introduced. During the next few months, students will be given music to improve skills and to incorporate into their vocal lessons.

After completion of the course students receive a Certificate in Musical Theory and Piano

Vocal Intensive Studios, Denver, Group Room

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Mrs. O, Brenda Ohlschwager

Mrs. O, Brenda Ohlschwager

Meet our Teacher, Mrs. O:

Mrs. O received her first piano lesson at the young age of four in South Central Pennsylvania. And in seventh grade, she became a church organist and participated in the school’s jazz band. By ninth grade, she began her journey teaching piano to her fellow students. By her senior year, her class had grown to accommodate over 15 students. 

She then went on to college, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from West Virginia Wesleyan College and post-graduate studies at Penn State. Upon graduation, she opened a private music school in South Central Pennsylvania with 10 other teachers serving over 200 families weekly. She also continued her piano studies by mentoring under master teachers in Russian, French and American piano techniques and studies under Masterworks. 

After moving to Colorado with her family, she continued to grow in her musical journey by opening her own studio and continuing to teach private piano and composition lessons. Mrs. O's Studio is a results-oriented studio with a "forward progress" approach. Rely on her experiences as a church organist, music theatre accompanist, vocalist, instrumentalist, ensemble accompanist, community organization pianist and piano instructor to help you optimize your talent within. 

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